When using Hornetsecurity Email Encryption Services it is possible to provide your own S/MIME and PGP certificates for backend deploy. You can deliver the certificates in a support request (support@hornetsecurity.com). To make sure the provide certificates can be deployed the following format is required:

Public Keys:

  • PGP: [email@domain.tld_NUMBER.asc]
  • S/MIME: [email@domain.tld_NUMBER.der]

Private Keys:

  • PGP: [email@domain.tld.asc]
  • S/MIME: [name@domain.tld.pem]      
    • textfile containing the SMIME passphrase: [name@domain.tld.txt]

Please also mention the amount of certifcates that should be imported and deployed within your support request, especially in case of business relevant dependencies, since it may take a few days till the process is finished with varying amount of total keys.