Through the Hornetsecurity Control Panel, you can setup the option to perform support delivery. This option will allow you to deliver possible False Positives to a pre-defined email address for further analysis.

A support delivery will only be possible for quarantined emails, since those will still be available from our servers. Any valid or rejected emails have been finally released from our servers and hence cannot be delivered again.


Follow these steps to enable the support delivery:

1. Log into the Control Panel

2. Setup an appropriate role from rights management, which will contain the option “Allow to release emails to customer support

3. Assign the new role to the correct Control Panel user

4. “Save” the changes

5. Switch to “Management > Settings > Settings” and select:

  • Which category of emails should be deliverable
  • To which email address the email is supposed to be sent

6. “Save” the changes

7. Wait 5 minutes and log out and back into the Control Panel

Once setup, you can deliver emails to support from the Workspace. Further information can be found from the Control Panel handbook.

Please keep in mind that delivering quarantined emails poses a certain danger, as these emails might contain harmful content. Due to this potential danger, we recommend setting up a virtual machine, which can be used to analyse the email without putting a computer or the network in danger.