You might encounter an error when trying to connect to the Hornetsecurity smarthost for outgoing emails. You might experience the following errors:

Connection to server timed out

There is a possibility that you might encounter the following error:

Connection to timed out

The shown IP address might change from connection to connection. If you encounter this error, check the restrictions set for your firewall. This issue might be due to strict restrictions on the firewall, preventing a connection on port 25. To prevent this from happening in the future, make sure to adjust the firewall settings to allow the complete Hornetsecurity range to be accessed via port 25. You can find the IP range from our onboarding website.

Authentication error (SASL/SMTP)

You might encounter authentication errors if your password contains special characters like explanation mark or winged brackets. Double check if any of those specials characters are in use and remove them from your current password and try again.