You can access the new HTML5 Control Panel via the following URL:

The following points are intended to ease the transition and help you with general issues you might encounter:

  • To login, a Control Panel user in form of a valid email address is required. Login via Partner or Domain account will not be possible. For further information, please access this article.
  • Any information added into the “Deny & Allow List” tab will not take effect. For further information, please access this article.
  • Management changes done through the old Control Panel will only be synced to the HTML5 Control Panel overnight. For further information, please access this article.

What will happen next?

On 1st November 2017, there will be a cut of any email data currently shown in the new Control Panel. At this point, the Control Panel will no longer show emails older than 1st November 2017. If you need to check any historical data, you will still be able to check them from the old Control Panel. Starting the 1st November 2017, we will also start transferring the email archive data. While the data is being transferred, you might encounter only partial data being visible from the Control Panel. This is expected, as the data will start to populate over the following weeks.

If required, you can already adjust the Control Panel to reflect your corporate design. For further information please follow this article.

For the time being, the old and the new Control Panel will co-exist. The old Control Panel will eventually be shut down, as soon as all data has been transferred. The shut-down day will be communicated as soon as possible. Once shut down, the URL of the old Control Panel will redirect to the new URL.

For further Information and tutorials please visit our Control Panel landing page: