It is possible that you will miss feedback when trying to set user defined delivery times of the spam report from within the Control Panel under “Management > User > User Settings > Spam report”. When encountering this behavior, you will see that any settings made earlier will disappear when reloading the tab. You will encounter this when the following settings have been set from “Management > Email > Spam report”:

  • Allow user defined delivery times
  • Times: Deactivated

To avoid this behavior, please follow these steps in the Control Panel:

  • Go to “Management > Email > Spam report
  • Enable “Allow user defined delivery times
  • Disable “Times: Deactivated” if currently enabled
  • Enable “Times: daily
  • Enable “Times: Deactivated
  • Save the change

After this process, the delivery times should be enabled, but inactive from the screen. This will prevent the delivery of the global spam report, but will allow to set individual delivery times under “Management > User > User Settings > Spam report” for each user.