You can set up and maintain individual Deny & Allow List for the email and web filter services through the Control Panel.

The system will keep individual lists for spam and web filter. Those lists can be limited to individuals, groups or globally for the complete domain and will be worked from left to right as shown in the Control Panel from highest to lowest priority. That means the priorities of the different filters are from highest to lowest:

  1. User Allow List
  2. User Deny List
  3. Customer Allow List (global)
  4. Customer Deny List (global)

Should the system find a fitting entry on either list, it will stop the request and will not check the remaining entries. The web filter offers group based filtering as well. The priority is here:

  1. User Allow List
  2. User Deny List
  3. Group Allow List
  4. Group Deny List
  5. Customer Allow List(global)
  6. Customer Deny List (global)

The system relies on the groups setup in the “Management” tab for the group lists.

Please ensure that Deny & Allow List entries do match with Header-From attribute. Mentioned Deny & Allow Lists do not check Envelope-From attribute.

You can add and remove entries at will. A larger batch of data can be imported via .csv as well. When importing or adding entries, make sure not to use any special characters. You can find additional information on the Deny & Allow Lists from within the Control Panel manual.