The recipient of a Websafe message might encounter an error message when trying to sign in:

“Connection failed”

You might encounter this issue if the recipient:

The customer will encounter the following steps:

  • The recipient receives a Websafe message
  • The recipient receives a PIN
  • The recipient enters the PIN
  • The recipient logs in to read the message
  • The recipient will receive the error message mentioned above.

For Hornetsecurity, a requirement for Websafe is to set up a temporary POP3 account for the recipient, which is used to safely read the message. If the recipient is already a POP3 user or uses the Continuity Service, then the address already exists as a POP3 account and thus will cause an error creating the account.


Hornetsecurity is working towards improving the error message, to make the issue more obvious for the recipient. The final resolution would be to switch to a different encryption method (e.g. S/MIME, PGP, etc.) for that recipient.

If you can’t clearly distinct whether or not the error is related to the above mentioned behavior, then please get in touch with our customer support.