It is possible to send Newsletters via the Hornetsecurity relays. There are some guidelines that need to be met, that will prevent the Hornetsecurity relays to become listed on a deny list, which might have an impact on its services and thus affecting all customers.


Hornetsecurity follows the guidelines provided by the eco Association of the Internet Industry, which is also strongly recommend to all customers. You can find the guidelines here:

Even though the above mentioned are only guidelines, any newsletter sent through the Hornetsecurity relays will need to meet the following requirements:

  • It will need to fulfill the guidelines for Opt-In
  • It will need to fulfill the guidelines for Opt-Out

Even though the minimum legal requirements will differ from country to country, Hornetsecurity will use the legal requirements based in Germany as a minimum requirement that needs to be met by any customer, no matter of their location. If the law of the country of origin exceeds the German law, then those requirements will need to be met in addition.


An Opt-In should have happened as explained in the eco guidelines.


The newsletter will need to provide the following options to the recipient:

  • Possibility to unsubscribe via link
  • The unsubscribe option needs to be clearly visible and easy to access
  • Unsubscribing needs to be:
    • Fully or half automatically
    • Possible from any location and mustn’t require access to a specific device
    • Possible from a Unique Identifier
  • Unsubscribe needs to be permanent

Explaining the Unique Identifier: The system will need to be able to automatically identify the email address belonging to the newsletter where the unsubscribe link was used from. The recipient mustn’t need to enter the email address manually. This will prevent the need for the customer to enter any personal information. It will also prevent any possible issues with forwarding or aliases.

If the requirements are not met

If the above conditions are not met, Hornetsecurity reserves the right to temporary block sending via our relays, until the above-mentioned conditions are fully met. This block will be announced. Once announced, Hornetsecurity will allow 4 weeks* for the sender to adjust their newsletter. If the newsletter does not get adjusted during that time frame, then the communication will be blocked.

To avoid any possible issues, it is recommended to use professional newsletter-software, or using a service provider specialized in distributing newsletters, who will meet the above-mentioned guideline.

*If an incorrect newsletter causes any service interruption for the Hornetsecurity customers, then this time frame might need to be shortened or the sender gets blocked immediately.

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