Hornetsecurity allows you to customize multiple products to meet your requirements for your corporate design. The possible variations differ between products.

Control Panel

Any adjustments towards the Control Panel will need to be done through the Control Panel itself. You will find a detailed description on how to Whitelabel the Control Panel in this article.

Please note: You can only make current adjustments to templates or change templates for customer domains in the Flash Control Panel.

Spamreports and templates

You can adjust any available templates from the Control Panel via HTML-Code. You will find a detailed description from this article.

The system will only be able to release a template if its code is correct and free of errors. Hence any adjustments should be double checked.

Outlook Add-In

Any adjustments towards the Outlook Add-In will need to be handled through our customer support. The following information can be adjusted:

  • Company logo
  • Company name
  • Address
  • Contact email
  • Website

Please be aware that adjusting the Outlook Add-In is a paid service. Please get in touch with our sales department for any possible costs.

Once you have agreed to the price, please forward the information you wish to change to our customer support. Regarding the logo, the following limitations apply:

  • If file format is .png or .jpg, the dimensions can be max. 500x500 pixels
  • If file format is .ico, the dimensions can be max. 32x32 pixels

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Unfortunately it is not possible to adjust the design of the ATP service.