You can adjust the spam report and any other available templates freely to fit your corporate design. For a complete overview of products that can be whitelabled, please see this article.


  • Access to the Control Panel with a partner or reseller account
  • Knowledge of HTML code


  1. Log into the Control Panel using your reseller/partner login
  2. Switch to “Management” and select your partner account
  3. Select “Template” and choose the template you want to adjust via “Add”
  4. Adjust the template
  5. Select “Apply”
  6. Select “Save”
  7. Assign the template to a customer:
    1. Select the customer’s domain from the left hand side
    2. Assign the appropriate template to its product:
      1. Spam report: Email > Spam report > Spam report email template
      2. Web filter: Web filter > Templates

Once saved, the template will take effect within the next hour.

For consideration

If no template is added, the system will automatically use the default templates from Hornetsecurity