The following article will provide a guideline on how to setup the Hornetsecurity Spamfilter. You can use our Self-Onboarding website to sign up for a free trial, if you haven’t done so yet.

If you have setup the trial through our sales department, you might have or will receive an email containing your login information to the Control Panel. If that is the case, please make sure to change the provided password after the first login. You can find instructions on how to change the password in this article.

1. Follow these bulletins from our Onboarding Website:

  • Add an exception to your firewall for the Hornetsecurity IP range
  • (optional) Set a SPF Record*
  • Check the settings in the Control Panel
  • Change the MX-Records

Important: If you are a customer of 1&1, please use the MX-Records provided below. Otherwise you will run into issue with the mail delivery.

  • Setup the relaying

Important: Any changes done in the Control Panel might take up to 60 minutes before becoming active. That delay is due to the time it takes to synchronize any changes with our gates. Should you find any errors while checking the settings in the Control Panel, then please make sure to wait 60 minutes after rectifying those before changing the MX-Records.

2. Import or synchronize your users into the Control Panel**

3. Setup the Spamreport

You can find further information regarding the Control Panel from its manual, or the How Tos from our Knowledge Base.

Changing your password

If you want to change your Control Panel password, please follow these steps:

1. Log into the Control Panel

2. Switch to “Account > Settings”

3. Enter your new password

4. Select “Save”

1&1 MX-Records

The following MX-Records meet the requirements of 1&1:

* Though enabling the SPF-Record is not mandatory, we strongly recommend it.

** How to import users into the Control Panel depends on the services and relay check you want to use. We recommend – if possible – to use LDAP.